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A communication board is a composition of images specifically selected to support communication by pointing to or touching one or multiple images.

Children with limited verbal communication, such as Autistic children or children with multiple disabilities, can communicate with their caregivers and other children through the use of these boards.
There are a lot of steps involved in creating a communication board: Selecting vocabulary, color coding by parts of speech, hiring a designer, researching printing companies. We have taken all these cumbersome steps out of your hands, and we have several communication boards that you can select from. We also offer customizations such as organization name, inclusion of logos, swapping a few vocabulary words or even creating a 100% custom icon to accessible playground equipments or area in the environment where the board will be placed. 
We want to bring communication accessibility to everyone! Let us help you!


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Benefits of Public Display Communication Boards

Inclusion: Children can use the communication board to interact with play areas and to communicate and connect with other children on the playground.

Communication: Children can communicate with their caregivers and peers through the use of picture symbols.

Awareness: Some of our boards include language to promote public awareness of speech-language evaluations and services, and special education services.

Learning: Like most other accessibility designs, communication boards will also facilitate young children’s learning of new vocabulary and reading.

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Making Waterparks, public pools and splash pads more inclusive for non-speaking children

Communication boards are a valuable tool for children with autism and non-speaking children to express their thoughts and feelings without the use of verbal speech. They have been a tool that many school districts have included in their playgrounds. City parks have also started to understand the importance of adding communication boards to their parks and playgrounds. Public libraries, pools and waterparks have just started to be aware of the importance of making their spaces inclusive for children who don't use verbal speech.

Download Our Free Guides to Communication Implementation in Public Spaces

We created a handy resource to be shared with park officials decision makers so they can consider adding a communication board to their city budget. Download the guide now and email to your city official. We will take it from there!

If you are looking to making the public spaces in your school more inclusive for everyone. Download our free school playground communication board guide. This is a great document to share with school administrators and decision makes in schools.

Imagine allowing library patrons, regardless of their ability to communicate, the ability to use speech. If you are interested in making your library more inclusive for all learners, download this free guide for communication in public and school libraries.